Arma, an electric scooter that can be folded to A4 size, is now accepting pre-order through crowdfunding!


SMZ Co., Ltd. is accepting pre-order sales of the folding electric scooter “Arma” on Kickstarter, a major crowdfunding service in the United States. The vehicle is an electric scooter with a weight of about 4.5 kg that can be folded to about A4 size, and the maximum speed is 24 km/h, and it can travel about 11 km on a single charge. It is currently in the final stage of the design, and production is scheduled to start from June to July 2024.

What is “Arma”?

Arma is the world’s smallest and lightest and most foldable electric scooter to A4 size designed to dramatically change everyday mobility. Its portability and ease of use have the potential to transform daily movement.

Features of Arma

  1. A4 size portability: As the world’s smallest electric scooter, the A4 size frame is equipped with high-performance mobility performance.
  2. Seamless transition: You can change from carry mode to ride mode in a few steps.
  3. Made in Japan: A precise and elaborate Japanese product designed and designed by Japanese engineers.
  4. Battery / Replaceable battery that can be fully charged in 2 hours
  5. The speed and mileage/maximum speed is 24km/h, and you can drive about 11km on a single charge.
  6. Weight and load capacity / weight of about 4.5 kg, load capacity up to 100 kg
  7. ※This specification is a specification as a prototype, and the specifications are subject to change in the future.
  8. In addition, at the moment, we plan to renew the design for “simplifying deployment and folding”, “largeness of aircraft after deployment” and “improvement of safety and operability”. The size at the time of folding may also change slightly.
  9. I would appreciate it if you could support us after understanding these.